January 2023
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    • Meta signs deal with Shutterstock for AI creation tools
    • OpenAI and Microsoft extend partnership
    • Artists try to fight AI generative tools
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    • TikTok staff can decide what goes viral 
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neon news

👨‍🏫 Radical Imagination XD conference


"Will AI create dreams or nightmares?"
"Do you see an oversaturation of content coming?"
"Who pays for AI?"

These were some of the questions from our first conference on creative AI: RADICAL IMAGINATION XD.

Our CEO Misch Strotz, and our friend Sebastian Zimmerhackl from Berlin, took the stage to talk about the implications of new AI systems and showcase state-of-the-art work that is done with creative AI today.

If you would like to rewatch the stream or slide deck yourself, simply click on the link below 👇


📝 Expansion of our resources library


With all the recent news & developments in the field of creative AI, we thought it was time to add an AI category to our online resources 🤖

There we will try to curate new upcoming platforms for you, but also collect helpful links, tutorials, and various content creators. So if you want to get an overview of the AI space, you know where to start 👇




ai news

🤝 Meta signs deal with Shutterstock for AI creation tools



After partnering with OpenAI a while back, Shutterstock has now expanded its partnership with Meta to combine Shutterstock's extensive library of images, music, and video with Meta's continued investment in AI 🖌️

The agreement is part of Shutterstock's strategy of being at the center of content, innovation, and technology. Also, Shutterstock noted that they have been one of the first companies to pay artists for their contribution to training machine learning models and that they will continue to shape the future of generative AI in an ethical and artist-centric way.


✒️ OpenAI and Microsoft extend partnership


OpenAI and Microsoft have announced that they are extending their partnership, with Microsoft making a multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment in the company 💸

This partnership will allow OpenAI to continue its independent research into developing AI that is increasingly safe, useful, and powerful. And if you are wondering how Microsoft might benefit from this partnership, have a look at this video: Who is really making billions from ChatGPT 😉


⚔️ Artists try to fight AI generative tools


Three artists have filed a lawsuit against two AI art generators (Stability AI & Midjourney) and the artist portfolio platform DeviantArt for alleged infringement of the rights of "millions of artists" by training their AI tools on five billion images scraped from the web "without the consent of the original artists."

The AI tools' creators argue that this software's training on copyrighted data is covered by the fair use doctrine. However, this is a complicated question that may only be answered in court ⚖️



in other news

📹 5 big Youtube Trends in 2023



In this video, Sean Cannell from Think Media discusses the next big Youtube video trends. From trending formats to Artificial Intelligence, almost everything is highlighted in this 47-minute-long video.

Put on the headphones and get ready to take notes if you want to improve your video strategy in 2023 ✍️


🔥 TikTok staff can decide what goes viral


TikTok has admitted that it allows employees to manually boost videos' reach on the platform by using a "heating" button, bypassing the algorithm that is intended to drive the TikTok experience.

According to Forbes, a couple of employees within the United States can artificially expand the reach of specific videos. TikTok claims that this process is used to help diversify the content experience and introduce celebrities and emerging creators to the TikTok community.

After all the critical news and discussions in recent weeks, this "revelation" certainly doesn't improve the app's standing in the West.⚖️



past newsletters

Check out what you might have missed


In case you missed a newsletter or want to look up articles, blog posts, and news from the past, we created a collection of our newsletters on a page. You can find all the links and recent content on


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