April 2023
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    • Misch's TedTalk: Rethinking Truth in the Age of Synthography
    • Getting started with creative AI tools
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    • New kid on the block: AutoGPT 
    • AI tools to keep an eye on
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    • Musk invests Millions into Generative AI project
    • Disable chat history for ChatGPT
    • Runway ML launching iPhone App
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neontools news

👨‍🏫 Rethinking Truth in the Age of Synthography



"The future belongs to the primates with the best tools".

Last month, our CEO Misch gave a TEDx talk about the transformative power of creative AI. In his talk, Misch shared his vision of how Artificial Intelligence has begun to shape human society and transform how we communicate forever.

From an “A priori fake” Internet to “Infinite Information Loops” his talk tackles some of the upcoming problems and offers food for thought and solutions. Rewatch the talk on Youtube and leave your opinion in the comments 👇


🖌️ Getting started with creative AI tools



A week ago, Misch hosted a Live Learning event in the Community Discord about creative AI tools and how to use them. For everybody that missed it we condensed the information and resources in our new blog post: Getting Started with Creative AI Tools 👈

It's the perfect place to get an overview of must-know creative tools and some tips on how to get started. If you want to learn more about Shibuya check out their Twitter and go from there 💕



keeping up with AI

🖌️ New kid on the block: AutoGPT 



Right off the bat: We've tested it, and it's a bit overhyped at this stage. Which is, of course, due to its huge future potential.

Imagine having a super-smart helper that can do tasks without you even asking! That's AutoGPT, the latest AI marvel! It's like ChatGPT, but also completely different – think of it as an AI with a mind of its own.

You give it a final goal, and it creates a to-do list and its own questions to finish the job. Plus, it's so clever it can even check its own work. This is why this type of AI is also called Autonomous-Agent. If you want to learn more about this and maybe install it yourself, check out the link below 👇

Sidenote: Consider running Auto-GPT in a separate virtual space, as it might install malicious software while completing a task that could infect/damage your operating system and files.


👁️ AI tools to keep an eye on



Open Assistant: OA is a free open-source ChatGPT replicant that can interact with third-party systems and retrieve information for you. Try it and keep it in your bookmarks to not miss future developments.

MiniGPT-4: MiniGPT is basically a Chatbot with a pair of eyes, allowing you to interact and communicate with it in a new way. This goes as far as uploading images of your dying plants and asking MiniGPT what might be wrong with them 🤯 or letting it write an ad for your product.
(Despite its name, it's not based on GPT-4!)

WonderDynamics: We already teased this tool in the last newsletter. But we will mention it again because they are opening up the tool for public testing to more and more users as we speak. So get on the list and give it a try.


Join our Discord if you want to learn more about creative AI tools and find tools like these as soon as we stumble across them 👇



in other news

💸 Musk invests Millions into Generative AI project



In a twist of irony, Twitter boss and AI skeptic Elon Musk is assembling an army of GPUs and AI talent to develop his own large language model, possibly to rival OpenAI's GPT. Musk's goal? To create an "anti-woke" AI model fueled by Twitter's vast data troves, addressing concerns over speech and topical restrictions in existing AI tools. This move aligns with Musk's (allegedly) free speech push and frustration with OpenAI's for-profit transition.

While Musk's AI-powered Twitter vision remains unclear, you could wonder if a tweet-based AI might unleash a tsunami of angst and toxicity. But hey, it could make for some entertaining generative AI tweets or even snappier customer service via Twitter DMs! More details in the article by SocialMediaToday 🔥


📜 Disable chat history for ChatGPT


Starting immediately, OpenAI offers users the option to turn off Chat History. Allowing them to decide which conversations should be used to train the model further. Unfortunately, the opt-out is buried out of sight in the settings tab.

To be completely honest, we find the practice to default opt-in and design choice to hide the button utter garbage... 😩

Small upside: They also announced that they are working on a ChatGPT business subscription for enterprises that need more control over the data they put into ChatGPT. This subscription will, by default, not use the data to further train the model, similar to the current API data policies.


P.S. We also found a form that allows you to keep the history function but opt-out of the data usage. If or how long this form will be supported, we do not know: Form to request Data Opt-Out ⛔


📱 Runway ML launching iPhone App


AI startup Runway just unleashed a splash of creativity for iPhone users with the launch of RunwayML on the Apple App Store. Now you can transform your short videos base on text, image or video inputs with Runway's Generative AI model Gen-1.

Simply pick an aesthetic and let the AI do the magic! Though limited to 5-second videos and avoiding copyrighted works, RunwayML's mobile-first approach tries to make artful transformations a breeze 💨



secret spoiler

💸 Something is cooking...


If you paid close attention to the neontools Twitter account, you might have come across a tweet asking you the question: Would you use a tool that automated your entire posting process?

Of course, this question wasn't asked randomly. We can't say more at this point, but we'll give you a small hint:

💪 It's good to be a Pro user



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