September 2023
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    • Meta Connect 2023 & Ray-Ban Smart Glasses
    • Adobe AI and 3D news
    • Roblox announces conversational AI called "Assistant"
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    • Facebook will allow users to create multiple profiles
    • Snapchat shuts down enterprise AR development division
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neon internet news

🖼️ LetzAI - Imagine Generation made in Luxembourg


Introducing our newest Neon Internet project: LetzAI :star-struck:

LetzAI is a web platform that lets users generate content that is personal and relevant for local communities.

The platform is currently available only for users in our home country Luxembourg, as a limited Early-Access version. If you're reading this newsletter and are part of the Luxembourgish community, you now have the chance to grab your Early Access Key and help us expand the platform :innocent:

And if you want to learn more about LetzAI or why we've built this platform, feel free to check out our CEO Misch's recent blog article here or have a look directly at our new LetzAI blog.

(Just so you get an idea: Here is Misch as a bald monk 😄)



keeping up with AI

👓 Meta Connect 2023 & Ray-Ban Smart Glasses (again)


Meta's "Connect Keynote" this year was packed with news and information reaching from their PLETHORA of AI projects all the way to the Quest 3 VR headsets and a new generation of smart glasses.

While the key features of the new generation of smart glasses stay somewhat the same, the integration of Meta AI is what's really interesting here.

But it remains to be seen if the end-users are going to make use of the ability to interact hands-free with an AI assistant (Siri meets Chat-GPT, so to say) in their glasses - or if it stays a nice tech gimmick ðŸ¤”

Of course, everything said here is extremely broken down and simplified. So, if you want more details on the keynote, their AI projects, or the physical products, check out the presentation



✍️ Adobe AI and 3D news


Adobe also had quite a busy month with some big updates on the AI and 3D front. We gathered some of the updates down below. But if you want a rundown on all the updates, follow the link underneath our small recap ðŸ––

🔊 Enhance Speech Beta:
This new feature in Premiere Pro helps you remove unwanted noise from your dialogue clips and improves audio quality. It makes your audio sound like it was recorded in a professional studio setup (at least that's what they claim 😄). 

🖌️AI-powered Roto Brush:
The beloved Roto Brush tool has been turbocharged with some AI muscle. No more tearing your hair out trying to separate those pesky overlapping limbs - at least, we hope so.

🚧 Firefly and Generative-Fill left Beta stage:
After being stuck in the BETA version of Photoshop for a couple of months, the Generative-Fill feature finally moved to the live version of Photoshop. So if you never went the extra mile to install Photoshop Beta but want to try the new feature, now is the time.

🌐 Photoshop Web-App with Firefly AI tools launched:
The title says it all. Fairly recently, Adobe launched the Photoshop Web App with the AI-powered features "Generative Fill" and "Generative Expand" for clients of the paid plan.



🎮 Roblox announces conversational AI called "Assistant"



Earlier this month, Roblox released a post on X, showcasing a conversational AI, named Assistant that helps users build and create more engaging experiences in their game. Claiming that you can create any scene you like by engaging with an AI assistant that will help you implement your vision, such as placing objects, changing textures etc... ðŸ¤¯


in other news

👨👩 Facebook will allow users to create multiple profiles



Meta has officially introduced its multi-profile feature for Facebook, giving people the opportunity to create up to five profiles for various interests, communities, or personal and professional distinctions.

This initiative aims to enhance user engagement by segmenting interactions based on specific interests or groups. Each profile will have its distinct username and feed to ensure privacy and separate interactions.

We are not sure yet what to think of this. Activity on Facebook keeps declining, and fake profiles and troll accounts are increasing. Giving everybody the option to create 4 distinct accounts, just like that? 

But anyway. At its initial launch, certain features will be disabled for these additional profiles. The feature will be gradually rolled out to all users in the coming months... so let's see where this is going ðŸ‘€


 ðŸ‘» Snapchat shuts down enterprise AR development division



Snap is discontinuing its AR Enterprise Service (ARES) division, a recent venture that provided AR capabilities to businesses. The decision, revealed through an internal memo from CEO Evan Spiegel and confirmed by Snap, cites the rise of AI tools that reduced Snap's unique AR value proposition. TL;DR: The development turns out to be too expensive ðŸ’¸

However, this does not mean that Snap is completely giving up on AR in general, as the company still witnesses 250 million daily engagements with its AR experiences ðŸ¤³


past newsletters

Check out what you might have missed


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