November 2023
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  • đŸ¤Ģ LetzAI update
    •  LetzAI Public Beta & new subscription plans
  • đŸ¤¯ keeping up with AI
    • OpenAI introduces custom GPTs and  GPT Store
    • Google DeepMind and YouTube introduce their most advanced music generator LYRIA
    • Additional AI news from November
  • 📰 in other news
    • YouTube takes a clear stance on AI content on its platform
    • TikTok adds AR effects creation flow for its users
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LetzAI update

đŸĨŗ LetzAI Public Beta & new subscription plans


Today we have a very special appetizer for you. You'll be the first to officially find out that we are rolling out the Public Beta of LetzAI, right now as you are reading this 👀

An important part of the public beta are our new subscription plans, which for many of you might be more interesting than the Early Access fees that existed so far. And a short trial of the platform is even free of charge đŸ¤Š

In addition to the new upgradable price levels, you have the chance to train an unlimited number of personal models for a limited time. This will not last forever, so use this opportunity to train to your heart's content and familiarize yourself with LetzAI.

You can find everything else in our blog article linked below đŸ‘‡



keeping up with AI

🗃ī¸ OpenAI introduces custom GPTs and  GPT Store


At the beginning of November, OpenAI introduced GPTs, a new feature allowing users to create custom versions of ChatGPT for specific tasks or interests.

These GPTs require no coding skills and can be shared with others. This innovation is available for ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users, with examples like Canva and Zapier AI Actions.

The GPT Store, which launched later this month, features user-created GPTs that can earn money based on usage. OpenAI emphasizes privacy and safety in GPTs, ensuring user data control and introducing systems to review GPTs against usage policies. Additionally, developers can integrate GPTs with the real world through custom actions and APIs. For businesses, GPTs offer tailored solutions for internal use đŸ§ 


đŸ—Ŗī¸ Google DeepMind and YouTube introduce their most advanced music generator LYRIA



Google DeepMind, in partnership with YouTube, introduces Lyria, its advanced AI music generation model, alongside two innovative AI experiments aimed at enhancing creative expression in music. These experiments, Dream Track and a suite of Music AI tools, are designed to foster closer connections between artists, creators, and fans, and to support the creative process of musicians.

These projects are part of Google DeepMind's ongoing efforts to merge AI with music creatively and responsibly, drawing on a diverse pool of technical experts and renowned artists. The aim is to enhance the work of professional musicians and contribute positively to the future of music creation đŸŽļ



📰 Additional AI news from November



🎤 ChatGPT Voice now available to all free users  
Last month we reported that ChatGPT is now able to see hear and speak if you have premium/paid access to the tool. And as of November, ChatGPT Voice is also available for free users!

📖 Anthropic releases Claude 2
Anthropic Claude is a Language Model that focuses on being able to handle a large amount of information and context input from the user. With Claude 2 they have raised the ceiling to 100.000 tokens, which equals several hundreds of pages. This means that you could feed whole books in one prompt and have conversations with Claude based on said input - all in one go

đŸŽĨStable Video Diffusion
Stability AI released Stable Video Diffusion, a new generative AI video model based on the Stable Diffusion image model. The model, adaptable for various video applications, can create multi-view videos from a single image. Currently exclusive for research and not intended for real-world use, this release seeks feedback for future refinement.

🖌ī¸ Runway Gen-2 Motion Brush is now available for all
The Motion Brush feature showcases the ease and power of AI in creative fields, enabling users to animate still images with just a few clicks. This tool simplifies video and image editing by allowing the selection and animation of specific image areas, adding dynamic movement to static visuals.

đŸ–ŧī¸ Real-time AI art generation is on the rise
If you are active on the AI side of Twitter/X you might have come across so-called "real-time" AI art generation videos. Thanks to a new machine learning technique called LCM-Lora people are close to creating real-time fluid art generation. If this topic interests you, this article is a good point to start, but be warned that it is rather technical.



in other news

📏 YouTube takes a clear stance on AI content on its platform



YouTube is integrating generative AI into its platform, focusing on balancing creativity with community safety. They plan to update viewers when they're viewing synthetic content and require creators to disclose AI-altered or synthetic material. This includes labeling content and applying stricter labels for sensitive topics. Non-disclosure may lead to content removal or penalties.

YouTube will also allow requests for removal of AI-generated content that simulates identifiable individuals or their voices, with certain considerations like parody or public figures. They're also enabling music partners to request removal of AI-generated music mimicking an artist's voice đŸ—Ŗī¸



 đŸ•šī¸ TikTok adds AR effects creation flow for its users



TikTok has globally launched a mobile effect editor, enabling creators to design AR effects directly within the app. This tool simplifies effect creation, allowing users of any skill level to become effect creators without needing advanced software. Using templates and objects from TikTok's AR database, users can't create entirely new effects but can build interactive experiences using existing AR tools đŸ˜Ž

This development is particularly notable considering Snapchat's recent downsizing of its AR departments. While Snapchat seems to be scaling back its AR efforts, TikTok is actively expanding its AR features, democratizing the creation process and potentially opening doors for more advanced, paid AR options.


past newsletters

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