June 2023
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  • 👨‍🚀 neon AI-dventures
    • Our AI tools resources got overhauled
    • Generative Sweet Bytes – A Guide to Heavenly Desserts by Julie
    • Neon staff's Tweets of the month
  • 🤖 keeping up with AI
    • MidJourney releases version 5.2 & new features
    • Meta introduces: Voicebox (Text-to-Speech)
    • Recap of additional AI news
  • 📰 in other news
    • Biggest fight in history incoming: Zuck vs. Musk
    • What about the next neontool?
  • 📩 past newsletters
    • Check out what you might have missed!

neontools news

🚧 Our AI tools resources got overhauled



The generative AI space is changing almost daily, and new potent tools you should know about are constantly popping up. If you feel like you're missing the boat, check out our revamped resources collection to keep up.

We've also put together a series of videos that show you hands-on how these tools are used 🔎


🍩 Generative Sweet Bytes – A Guide to Heavenly Desserts by Julie



In a fit of creativity and probably ravenous appetite, our lead designer Julie put together a guide for you on how to generate delicious desserts using AI 🍰

The recipes were created with ChatGPT, and the visualization was done with Midjourney. Best of all, the guide is free and packed with tips and tricks for using AI.

Grab your copy now 👇


🐤 Neon staff's Tweets of the month



🎪 Julie at AdobeMAX London

All you creators and Adobe lovers may want to check out Julies Tweets about the AdobeMAX event in London earlier this month. She shared some valuable insights into what is coming our way 🔥


🔀 Karim released a new ControlNet tutorial

If you want to re-use your logo in fun new ways, go check out Karim's new tutorial on how you can transform it with the ControlNet feature in Automatic1111 (Stable Diffusion) 👇


QR Codes re-imagined

If you are active in the generative AI bubble on Twitter, you probably came across a new trend where people tried to come up with creative QR codes in Stable Diffusion that still work. And, of course, Misch had to give it a try as well:


keeping up with AI

🖼️ MidJourney releases version 5.2 & new features



In response to Photoshop's Generative Fill and's Uncrop, MidJourney has released version 5.2 with several new features centered around cropping and "zooming out" of images created in MidJourney.

Also, they added a new /shorten command, which will help you to become a better prompt-engineer by giving you tips on how to shorten and perfect your prompts 👩‍🏫

Besides those new features, Midjourney also updated the overall aesthetics and sharpness of the generations, as well as adding more variations in the generation settings 🖌️


🗣️ Meta introduces: Voicebox (Text-to-Speech)



Last month we had a whole segment with Meta AI updates and news. And here we are with yet another big announcement: Voicebox. A state-of-the-art speech generative model that looks like it could be a direct and fierce competitor for ElevenLabs' text-to-speech AI.

Meta states you can generate convincing results with as little as 2-second audio samples to clone a voice. Also, the tool will be packed with other features, such as speech editing or background noise removal from your existing audio, so you don't have to waste time re-recording it. Furthermore, Voicebox can take your voice and generate output in various languages.

The only problem, for now, is that Meta is not planning on making the tool available for the public just yet - for ethical reasons 👀 ... but let's wait and see.


🍿 Recap of additional AI news



🗃️ Dropbox adds AI

Earlier this month, the Co-Founder and CEO of Dropbox, Drew Houston, explained how Dropbox will implement AI into their services. Check out this 8-minute-long video if you want to learn more.

TL;DR Dropbox aims to provide people with a search engine to search through their personal files across many platforms.


📽️ Youtube working on AI-dubbing

Together with Aloud, Youtube is planning to release a feature that auto-transcribes your video to multiple languages and then reads it back to the users, making your content more accessible to users worldwide.


🎨 Adobe adds AI to Express & Illustrator

The news is as straightforward as the headline indicates: Adobe has decided to implement generative AI features into their Illustrator and Express services. Go have a look and give it a try 👌


in other news

🥊 Biggest fight in history incoming: Zuck vs. Musk



To be completely honest, this isn't really as much news as it is pure comedy gold and gossip - or good old Twitter banter 😂

But if you have been active on Twitter or Social Media over the past weeks, you might have encountered one of the thousand arguments about whether Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk would win in a cage fight.

Both have kind of agreed via Tweets that they would be up to fighting each other in an MMA fight - and whether all of this is real or not: Please, Dana White make this happen 🥋🥋


🤔 What about the next Neontool?


Attentive Newsletter readers may have noticed that there has been no update on our new Neontool yet. That's because we're still polishing a few unforeseen details and overcoming some hurdles before we hopefully can roll out the new tool to the public 🚧

Stay tuned! ​ 



past newsletters

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