October 2022
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  • πŸ”ͺ murderous neon evolutions
    • Web3 Community Survey: We need your brains
    • New feature: Text Editor
    • The mastery of Atmosphere by Julie Wieland
  • 🩸 mysterious AI & Web3 phenomenons
    • Google's Imagen Video AI looks scary (for competitors)
    • Reddit users just got unknowingly onboarded into NFTs
  • 🧟 grim Social Media news
    • The Musk-Twitter tale comes to an end
    • Grab your Youtube handle before it's gone
  • πŸŽƒ special halloween treat
    • Storytime: Halloween through the eyes of AI
  • πŸ“© Past newsletters
    • Check out what you might have missed!

murderous neon evolutions

🧠 Web3 Community Survey: We need your brains


By filling out our survey, you will help us better understand what the general feeling is about Web3 and NFTs.

Is the topic as omnipresent for you as it is for us, or are there no points of contact at all?

We count on your opinion, even if you have no experience with Web3 πŸ’–


πŸ“ New feature: Text Editor


Say everything you have to say with our text editor.

The new feature now lets you add text blocks to your neon.pages and even allows you to turn them into full-fledged personal blogs. Use the gained space and get creative πŸ‘‡


πŸ’¬ The mastery of Atmosphere by Julie Wieland



We are extremely excited to present you an amazing DALL-E prompt book by our lead designer Julie. Honestly, we think it's a must-have... 😌

“The Mastery of Atmosphere” is filled with tips, tricks, and editing techniques that elevate your DALL-E results to new dimensions.

For only 17.55$, it saves you hundreds of trial-and-error image generations and countless hours of frustration.

Grab your copy now and get 5$ off by using the code NEON5 on the checkout πŸ€‘



mysterious AI & Web3 phenomenons

πŸ€– Google's Imagen Video AI looks scary (for competitors)


A week after Meta's public statement regarding their video AI "Make-A-Video", Google is also following suit with the Imagen video AI.

The Meta and Google AIs are both still in an early stage of development. However, one can already guess how powerful these tools can become and which new possibilities will be created for content creators and creatives.

But just convince yourself, and most of all keep your eyes peeled πŸ‘€


πŸ–ΌοΈ Reddit users just got unknowingly onboarded into NFTs


The Reddit Collectible Avatars are currently the talk of the town, especially because of the high trading volumes. But that should not interest us here today.

Because it is much more intriguing that on the way here the term "NFT" was never officially mentioned. Even now the running gag is still that people talk about "collectibles" and not NFTs πŸ˜„

While it was never hidden that the "Collectibles" are on the Polygon Blockchain, you could only buy the avatars with FIAT currencies, and you had to set up a personal Blockchain-based VAULT (wallet) on Reddit.

Although the whole endeavor is as Web2 as it gets, it doesn't change the fact that there is considerable onboarding into the NFT world going on behind the scenes πŸ§ 



grim Social Media news

✨ The Musk-Twitter tale comes to an end



It was clear that "buying Twitter" would not be realized overnight. However, we didn't necessarily expect that there would be so many ups and downs on the way to completion.

In the last few weeks, the news have been all over the place: Musk wanted to pull out of the deal, he claimed that a huge % of Twitter users are bots and information emerged that Musk knows that this is not true.

Then recently a rumor circulated that Musk plans on cutting 75% of the Twitter staff which, however, does not seem to be true either. 

Which led us to the point where Elon carried a sink into the Twitter HQ, signaling that the deal is going to go through soon. And indeed shortly after this, the nightmare has come to an end πŸ™ˆ

If you want to read a slightly aggressive but refreshingly straightforward recap of everything, just follow the link below πŸ‘‡


😱 Grab your Youtube handle before it's gone 


Now for some easier-to-digest news: Youtube rolls out Handles for all channels πŸ€©

Handles will allow all users to set a personalized URL for their channel. This will make it easier for users to find and connect with creators and other users.

The Handles will be visible on comments, shorts, and search results, so grab your desired handle as soon as possible. When it's gone, it's gone β˜ΉοΈ


special halloween treat

πŸ‘» Halloween through the eyes of AI


To make your day somewhat scarier we created a short Halloween story with the help of NovelAI and Dall-E πŸ‘»

Also, we have designed a HALLOWEEN theme for the story, which is available for free right now πŸ’€


past newsletters

Check out what you might have missed


In case you missed a newsletter or want to look up articles, blog posts, and news from the past, we created a collection of our newsletters on a page. You can find all the links and recent content on


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